na exetásei ólous'e - consider everyone, a climate change story

Acrylic and pastel on canvas 

24"x48" Year 2018


This painting carries a message for all of us. If you look carefully, you will see three factories competing with each other and you will also see an open drain pouring black pollutants at the bottom side of the painting. If you start looking up, you will see the effect of all this in form of dead turtle, fish or a cow skeleton. Red colour represents blood or destruction. More carefully you look, more things you will find. Everything drawn in this painting is emerged from the background colours. I have just highlighted these images repressing life and impact of pollution on our ecosystem.

Painting ships in a crate. Limited addition prints are also available in various sizes. All the prints and painting is hand signed by the artist. Based on collector's preference, painting and large size prints can be shipped in a tube to reduce shipping cost. 

Consider everyone
climate chnage
Climate change