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This is me..

I think I had artist in me since childhood though failed in subject of art in grade 3 when teacher gave me 2 marks out of 10 for my black butterfly :)..I think she was generous. But I knew I had an artist in myself (still to be judged by you all). I did some good paintings from grade 4 to grade 8, after which I was forced to study science and ended up in engineering! 

I reinvented my passion for art and sculpture few years back.

One of the writer of a painting book was asked by her daughter where she was going and when the writer said that she was going to teach a painting class for adults, the daughter innocently asked 'Why do the adults forget how to paint'. This statement encouraged me to go back and start my passion for painting again. Luckily I did not forget how to paint. 

Anybody can paint. There is an artist in everyone of us. You just need to find that hidden artist and give him some of the time from your busy schedule.


I was born and raised in foothills of Himalayals in India. My parents being typical Indian parents, encourage me to become engineer or doctor. So eventually I became engineer by education and profession. And I am not complaining as I have very good career in this field in various countries and continents. Finally I am settled in Calgary Canada. 


During all these years somewhere my artist was still awake and I did not forget to draw completely; though I was close to loosing it!


In efforts not to loose my artist completely, I took art classes for adults. During my art classes I realized that I still have some artist left in me. That’s how I started painting in various styles to look for what I liked most. My initial work is mixer of various techniques and styles. I never had formal art education, so my search was crude and laborious. But finally I found it.


Recent work includes the combination of acrylic, gesso and color pastels. When we paint randomly with different color combinations, we unknowingly create something on canvas. The new style, I have started is to find that art on the canvas. It is similar to finding shapes in the clouds! Pastel work brings those shapes to life.


For the formal art education, I attended some art courses for adults. I am member of Calgary Creative Art Guild and participate in their art shows. I also participated in charity art competition and won the first prize for fastest acrylic painting! I am also Active Member of Federation of Canadian Artists.

Apart from this I have hobby of woodworking. I also made few sculptures from the scrape wood.

Creativity is only the beginning with no end!

Events and exhibitions:

2015 - Live painting at PETA Charity event

2017 -Exhibition Impact Pictures
2018 - Exhibition Calgary Creative Arts Guild
2019 - Exhibition Calgary Creative Arts Guild

2019 - Other Art Fair Dallas



FCA - Federation of Canadian Artists

CCAG - Calgary Creative Arts Guild