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Acrylic and pastel on canvas 

36"x48" Year 2024

He is an epitome of Peace, a spiritual entity, an array of light, a reflection of contentment and a divine soul. 

He is “ The Buddha”. 

He shoulders the sufferings, pain, distress, sorrows and affliction of the people and world at large. This pain is represented by the ‘Vastra’ ( the white cloth on his shoulder with various representations of living beings in the world). Though he feels the pain and carries burden of agony of people around him, yet there is a divine light on his face depicting that beyond all these sufferings and pain, there is an attainment of love and peace if you practice self control and abstinence. His teachings and preachings are practised worldwide with compassion and resilience. Those who follow his path and are firm believers in his teachings attain “ Bodhisatva”, a path towards awakening of the mind, body and soul: The highest level of Enlightenment.


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