common man

Common man is our super hero. He does not need to fly into space or move mountain to prove that he is super hero. He becomes hero while doing daily routine work and some times he does some adventure too. Click below to see his adventures.

pastel on texture

In our childhood we all may have tried to find shapes in the clouds. This style of panting does exactly the same. To start, I create basic texture with help of palette knife or brush. Then I bring the shapes and figures out from those textures and colours by finding them on the canvas. The stories develop as the figures and shapes emerge from the painting. I encourage you the read the story behind each painting or create your own!



In combination with 'Pastel on Texture',  animals series covers world of pets and wild animals. 


Generally black and white creates a unique beauty and when sprinkled with colours on a few spots, the effects are beautiful. These paintings are created using shapes and lines with black and white colours and sometimes shadow effect created by simply scratching black paint from the white canvas.

Palette knife work

Knife can do several things, depending on which hand uses it! Palette knife creates unique structures and surfaces and when combined with colours, the affects are pretty cool! In this series of painting, the work has been solely created using pallet knifes. Sometimes images surface clearly and sometimes you need to use your imagination to see what you want to see. Every picture tells some story, you need keen eyes to hear it..

Experiments with 


Sometimes there are experiments, which create opportunities. Paintings in this section arecreated during such accident. I was wiping some colours from the canvas as I was not happy with the texture and then these new textures emerged! 


These are minimalist paintings with abstract ideas and thoughts. Also these carry some stories to be still developed and either you or me can narrate that story!