amogh katyayan

Visual stories..

  • Acrylic paintings


  • Contemporary art


  • modern paintings

Combining acrylic paint, gesso and coloured pastels, I approach each painting with no pre-determined ideas or concepts.

Comparing my painting technique to looking for images in the clouds, I begin with a blank canvas. As I layer on the initial coat of paint to create texture and colour, I start to see shapes and figures emerge from the paint. This is the foundation from which my paintings develop. With the freedom of open-minded approach brings, my paintings take on a life of its own. From the images I initially see my paintings take on stories, issues, and experiences to which others can relate.

With free thinking process, what is currently around me, influences what I imagine in a painting and finish it sketching it out on canvas.

I encourage you to read the story developed with the work. When you look into my work, you will see the story falling into place; or may be you your own story!

Events and exhibitions:

2015 - Live painting at PETA Charity event

2017 - Exhibition Impact Pictures
2018 - Exhibition Calgary Creative Arts Guild
2019 - Exhibition Calgary Creative Arts Guild

2019 - Other Art Fair Dallas

2020 - RAW Artist Premier Calgary



FCA - Federation of Canadian Artists

CCAG - Calgary Creative Arts Guild