me. amogh katyayan

I am an engineer by college degree and an artist by heart!

I paint with my unconscious mind and feelings to start on a blank canvas and then finish with conscious mind finding shapes and figures repressing current world problems or sometimes mythical stories. I build an underlying structure with colours or textures or arrangement so that I can build the main painting on top. I never plan my work as I am reluctant to be chained with regulated thought process, as art is free feeling, not bound with rules.


With free thinking process, what is currently around you, influences what I imagine in a painting and finish it sketching it out on canvas.


I encourage to read the story behind or developed with the work. When you look into my work, you will see the story falling into place. With my work you are also create your own story!

  • Acrylic paintings


  • Contemporary art


  • modern paintings

Events and exhibitions:

2015 - Live painting at PETA Charity event

2017 -Exhibition Impact Pictures
2018 - Exhibition Calgary Creative Arts Guild
2019 - Exhibition Calgary Creative Arts Guild

2019 - Other Art Fair Dallas



FCA - Federation of Canadian Artists

CCAG - Calgary Creative Arts Guild 

148 Aspen Summit Drive SW

Calgary AB, Canada, T3H0Y6

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