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Acrylic and pastel on canvas 

24"x24" Year 2023

The Big and The Bold, the true adjectives that characterizes the Bison. It might look ferocious, yet not destructive. Sometimes the looks might be deceptive, yet the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This essence of beauty from inside out is being portrayed in my painting which features Bison. Bison’s existence is of utmost significance to the Natives or The Indigenous people of North America. They have a sacred relationship with Bison, treating them with respect and wishing its longevity. 

The Bison in the painting is the symbol of sacrifice to the society,for the sustenance of the mankind and it owes its existence as “The Giver”, which reflects the title of my painting : Bison: The Giver. 

The painting is on gallery wrapped canvas and ready to hang.
Amogh Katyayan is an established artist from Canada whose paintings hang in several homes all over the world. 

The Giver - Act 2

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