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Acrylic on canvas 

40"x30" Year 2024

Framed in black wooden frame


The woman in me


What a dilemma? I am not what I portray myself.  Life has engulfed me with various shades of colours, each of the colour left an unforgettable imprint on my mind and body, yet no shade could sweep my identity. I still feel the presence of my individuality in my mind, body and soul. 

Outwardly, I appear to be manifested with multitude of colours which are reflected with different phases in my life, some that brought happiness while some left reminisces of trauma. I see things that are agonizing but I overlook, I want to speak out and justify the wrongdoing but just keep silent because I am fulfilling different roles in society and I maintain a decorum to keep  everyone happy around me. To me if my small world is happy, I cherish my existence and justify the splash of varied colours in my life.  


The painting is on gallery wrapped canvas and ready to hang.

Amogh Katyayan is an established artist from Canada whose paintings hang in several homes all over the world. 

The Woman in me

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